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Rating: Universal, 1970, 116 minutes Cast: Clint Eastwood, Shirley Mac Laine, Manuel Fabregas and Alberto Morin Story: Budd Boetticher Screenplay: Albert Maltz Producers: Carroll Case and Martin Rackin Director: Don Siegel After overthrowing the dictator Santa Anna in 1855, liberal forces established a new government in Mexico that greatly weakened the power of the Catholic clergy.Refusing to meekly accept a diminished status, the clergy persuaded several conservative generals to launch a coup d’etat in 1858, and form a conservative government, which led to The War of Reform.Even though the legitimate government only controlled four out of twenty-four provinces, it stubbornly refused to surrender.Despite Maximilian’s neutral stance during the American Civil War (1861-1865) and rejection of the Confederacy’s offer of recognition, the Union government would not recognize Maximilian as the ruler of Mexico.Clint Eastwood is a hard-hitting high plains drifter who rides into town and single-handedly rescues a local nun (Shirley Mac Laine) from a gang of attackers.After meeting a band of Mexican revolutionaries bent on resisting the French occupation of Mexico, the cowboy and Sister Sara decide to join forces with the freedom fighters and set off on a deadly mission to capture the enemy's garrison.But along the way, a steamy romance develops between them when the soft-spoken hero discovers the nun is not what she seems.

A man named Hogan comes across three American thugs who are raping a nun.Although armies loyal to the republican government of President Juarez were defeated by a French army in 1864, Maximilian never gained the support of the Mexican populace, just the conservative elite, while the French were unable to control the countryside, which was dominated by Juaristas, guerrillas loyal to Juarez.The bankrupt Mexican government could not afford to pay the salaries of Mexican soldiers, so it failed to attract many native recruits.Mac Laine was initially difficult to work with and drove Siegel to walk off the film until she apologized and became more serious about her performance.Mac Laine is miscast but she is convincing as an irritatingly persistent nun, who immediately engages in a battle of wills with Hogan.

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